La Passacaglia - Paper Sets

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Sets consist of 72 Degree Diamond, 36 Degree Diamond, Large Pentagon, Small Pentagon and Triangle

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La Passacaglia is a design from Willyne Hammerstein's book Millefiori Quilts. 

The book is necessary for the pattern and instructions. 

There are three package sizes available for the papers for this project.

The small will give you enough pieces to start and get well into the project as the papers are reusable. If you wish to do a small version of the quilt, the small bundle would be the perfect choice.

The medium bundle includes enough pieces to do the complete quilt, assuming pieces are re-used.

The large set will give you enough papers to do the whole project without having to reuse very many of the papers.

To minimize shipping costs and potential damage to product in transit; paper shapes are left unpunched in their cut sheets.