Millefiori 1 - Softcover

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Looking just like the Venetian crystal sulphurs called ‘Millefiori’, here are Willyne Hammerstein’s exceptional quilts. With few templates, most of her quilts are designed around the hexagon, a shape of which she is especially fond. The layout and colour selection give true majesty to these quilts! This book features the famous and epic La Passacaglia quilt pattern.

For the most experienced among us, there are a couple of projects among the 20 quilts featured here that require a bit of attention…This is a gem for lovers of the traditional style! The rosettes are variable in size and shape in a variety of geometric shapes using English paper piecing (EPP).

Passacaglia with Mr Penrose” is the quilt featured on the front cover. Mr Penrose is a famous British mathematician who works on stars, cosmos and the geometrical designs of “pavements”.

“This is one of the most difficult quilts to make, but making it is a fascinating pleasure! Good luck and have fun!”

Willyne Hammerstein Quilt projects in “Millefiori Quilts” book


My little Winterblues
Made by restless hands
Love be my Guiding star
Time to Remember
Token of Love
Christmas Stars
Wall Flowers
Provencal Path
Upstairs Downstairs
Floating Colors
Wild in the Wind
Valse Brillante
La Crème de la Crème
Memories of Asia
Fête de l’Aioli
Midnight Fireworks
Good Times, Bad Times
Passacaglia with Mr Penrose


Learn more about Willyne

Willyne Hammerstein is the internationally acclaimed, Dutch artist known for her complex kaleidoscope and rosette quilts using the English Paper Piecing technique. The success of her quilt “Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose” (published in her Millefiori Quilts 1) is unparalleled, having been copied by countless quilters and exhibited around the globe.

Discover this brilliant designer with her Millefiori Quilts saga!

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